Friday, June 4, 2010

I figure I should tell you that before today, I was on a downward spiral toward bankruptcy, homelessness, and a loss of myself.

Everyone in my (small) family has, or is going to file for bankruptcy. My aunt and uncle made some investments on a duplex that fell through when the economy went down. My mom and her boyfriend bought and built several properties that are also in foreclosure. My mom also works as a dentist in a redneck town where no one has any teeth to clean in the first place. My dad impulsively bought a condo after his divorce with my mom, and that piece of shit hellhole has home-owner's association fees through the fucking ceiling, so he said F that too. Lastly, my mom's boyfriend, who is a contractor, and has been out of work for quite some time, just filed. My poor grandmother gave up her retirement money to stay at home, helping raise the most beautiful mistake of a two year old in the world. And here I am.
Luckily, my college fund was set in stone before this debacle ensued. But graduating with a degree in Women's Studies and Criminology won't do too much for me in the Sunshine State, so at this point, it is fair to say I made the right decision to move here.

While my life goals have changed dramatically in the last year, there are, at this point, two options for me: spend my life as a feminist activist in the community, working to better reproductive rights in our society... or work with animals my entire life... The benefits of both are endless... but more on that later... it's time to buy groceries.

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