Friday, July 9, 2010

This Only Proves My Lack of Commitment

So it's been a few days, huh?

I can't say I've been SOOOO busy, because that would be an outright lie. I can't even say that I was doing anything constructive in the meantime, because all I've been doing is jobhunting... And I'll tell you all about THAT, but let me catch you up on the most boring first:

June 13th: Volunteered my ass for a dunk tank at the Pride festival. Here's a picture of the Geico gecko, myself, and Steven, one of the other local gays:

June 18th: Awesome date with an incredible woman, who just happens to be my ex girlfriend.. Yeah.. Mich came to see me in Arlington and we went to a restaurant called Hard Times Cafe which has the BEST wings EVER.

June 21st: Got tricked into an evil line of work. They said I would be a field manager for a grassroots organization. They lied. They forced me into servitude by being one of those obnoxious people on the street, asking them to help out Planned Parenthood by donating money. FUCK THAT SHIT. I did that for five years in college. I am NOT gonna subject myself to that kind of abuse again. If I wanted to be abused, I would march directly into the Supreme Court demanding that abortion remain legalized FOREVER. So yeah.

June 23rd: Quit the evil line of work.

July 1st: Moved into my new house!!!

July 2nd: Realized house needs some work. Also witnessed my first cockroach.

July 4th: Watched fireworks from the rooftop. I was absolutely surrounded by them. From where I was, I saw them at the National Mall, Virginia, Maryland, and everywhere else that people wanted to set them off. Also got drunk off box-wine.

Catch up on the rest later...

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