Sunday, July 25, 2010

What did you just say, weirdo?

I can blog. I have thoughts.

I am a college graduate with a part time serving job (decent pay, but serving no-less). I don't know what the FUCK I'm going to do with the rest of my life, except that unless I'm famous (which I will be), it probably won't pay very much. I know what I'm passionate about, and yet I can't seem to find anyone who will hire me for a serious position because they don't know what I'm capable of (even though my resume kicks ass).

I haven't had health insurance in months because I'm no longer a student. I found a lump in my breast and three grand later, I'm actually okay, but I'm waiting to hear back on the lab results to see if I have an immuno-deficiency.

I'll. Be. Fine.

I have to pay off my student loans because that whole grace period is long gone. Ten grand isn't terrible, but it's ten grand that I would really love to spend on furniture.. perhaps a bed that I don't own yet because I'm so broke. I also haven't shopped for myself in nearly a year.

But enough of that. I have goals. I bought a little Moleskine notebook. The front half is dedicated to to-do lists. The middle has two lists: books to read before I die, and movies to watch before I die. The back is my bucket list, mostly of places to visit... but also includes "get arrested for something stupid" and "rap in front of a big crowd". Why? Just because.

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